January 18, 2019

Travel Tips with Chesty

Oh traveling I'm gonna target one particular thing which is sitting in an airplane sitting in a train sitting in a car sitting for an extended period of time I know I got a short flight this time but usually when I go on my little Vks for a couple weeks I'm probably sitting in a plane for about eight plus hours and that can do a number on you now sure enough you can spend some time doing other things you know you can bring the ball with you and roll your feet out and you can start working through your forearms and address other things but most of the time you're gonna be feeling a little bit beat up because the one thing you really want to move around is going to be fixed and locked you're gonna be sitting on your ass you're gonna be in a closed hip position and doing all that other stuff might not make the stuff that's gonna feel terrible feel any better so I want you to think of one easy approach to this which is going to be the offset of constant movement so in order to offset the fact that you're seated and stuck in one position try to get up and move as much as you can and if you're actually fixed into that seat what you can try to do is just be that person who's fidgeting and moving around you can think about activating your musculature when you're just sitting there think about squeezing your butt me and my lovely lady Simona used to play this game or sitting in the car where I just go activate your glutes hold them hold them hold them relax so get your body engaged in movement if you're on a plane get up go to the bathroom stand up don't be afraid to be that person who's moving around constantly and just that alone that little offset might make that body feel a whole lot better just getting some blood rolling through it give it a go keep moving

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