January 18, 2019

Travel Tips Tuesdays | How To Travel More | The Pre-Plan

What's up Mamuchas? And if you are new, I am Lieles I Maria and we are Los Mamuchos and we love to live, love and travel and if you are watching this video it's because you want to know how to travel full time or travel more and to be able to travel more there is an initial step that you should take even before looking for flights or hotels and this is the step that many people skip, and it's the pre-plan yes, the pre-plan is what is going to facilitate the plan and the trips so that everything goes well We have divided the pre-plan in 4 steps to identify the type of traveler you can be Yes, let's go for it

The first part is destiny; where would you like to travel? that answer can be as general as cities, the jungle, tourist sites, islands or rural places or maybe you like to travel depending on the weather if you like hot or cold places what can take you to the Caribbean or the Antarctic The second part is transportation, you should know how you like to travel so be it flying, on cruises or driving or leave others to drive for you by train or a bus The third part is the stay this can be, hotels, Aibnb, motorhomes or campsites This is part of the logistics, which will affect your budget So it has to do with what you like but also with what you can pay and this brings us to The fourth part, finances this is my favorite part because without finance, you can not do any of the above this part requires preparation, planning and the most important; monitoring all this will help you control your budget These are the 4 steps to a successful pre-plan Now, it is your turn to answer all these questions before taking the next step yes, and in the description, you will find the link to the questionnaires we have done to help you with the pre-plan and in the following videos we will review each one with you And that's all for today at Los Martes Travel Councils and we hope to see you next week with more tips and while remembering, living the life you want, wanting the life you live and traveling The Mamuchos leave

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