January 18, 2019

Travel in Indonesia Day8 / インドネシア旅 No.008

Put this one into the washing machine too Yesterday, We arrived at midnight yesterday, like 1am

It was so exhausted! All owner's family had slept We bothered their sleep We woke up his grand parents They worked up the owner, named Luffy, 25 years old And then, we woke up and doing laundry now

This is the first time of washing in Indonesia Cause we have lots of cloth this time After washing our cloth, we are going to a durian field He is going to guide us by motor bikes I'm so excited! Today looks really different from yesterday

Yeah, it took about 10 hours by the bus!!!! The staff said eight hours first No, he said six hours four hours more!!!! lol It's crazy! I think we can't expect what time does it take by a bus on Java island in Indonesia

Why does Indonesian lady wear a scarf on her head? Because woman's hair is important They need to wear it to hide their hairs for their husbands Ah, for their husbands! Only their husbands can see their wive's hairs We need to pray five times per day 4am in the morning, noon, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm

Everyday? If we pray with someone, we can get more points For example, You can pray alone If you pray with the another, it is better with three people, six people, much much better! If you pray with the another, you can get plus one We didn't know there is that kind of point

That point is important after the death so, you need to get lots of points If you do something good, you can get more points For example, if we help you and we can get points So we need to do good things

the god see us It send you to a good place or bad place after your death, but it depends on what you did while you live, so you need to do good things while you are alive We can understand what we've questioned by asking you It's really interesting We leant

It is hard to know a whole culture just on the Internet so talking with the local is important Wow, it's cool! Wow, thank you! Awesome! Cool! I leant how to ripen this fruit Sweat!! Usually, the dead well the West? put laid toward the west

The west is Well Do you know the Mecca? Ah, the Mecca! The place of the Mecca is in the west

so the dead needs to be laid directed to the west There is a good place in the west kind of the god's place Ah, so we need to do like that to send them to the place They are carrying coconuts

cool It's sour, but I can handle this Do Indonesian dislike it? We do This is a snake fruit It's delicious and chewy

It hurts like a real snake's skin Wow, How much is this melon? Cheap How much is this? about 40 yen

Really!? Good taste, right? like a lemon spitting it out of his mouth! lol Amazing! Delicious! Delicious! There is a dance festival now We came here! Cool! It's beautiful We can't hear any sound, but it's get started soon

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