January 18, 2019

Top 8 Cheap Travel Tips – Lets Get Into It

hey guys how are you guys doing welcome back to my channel Taylor here so on today's video I wanted to give you guys some of the cheap travel tips that I do that allow me to have a much longer vacation while saving as much money as possible that way I can a come back with more money and be have money while I'm on my vacation in case of them are in case of emergencies happening or things like that so these are all the things that I sort of do while traveling and prior to traveling that allow me to save as much money as possible and make the most used to my Trek because a trip is not defined by how much money you spend on the vacation it's about the time that you have it's about your experiences so I don't you know try to just go over and spend a ton of money I try to stick to a certain budget and if I can I always try to spend less than that so let's go over the top eight things that I do to make my trip much more affordable let's get into it so tip number one when planning for a trip when you're if you're going to be flying so this is for flying when planning for a trip that you're going to be flying always research multiple airports unless you only have one Airport that is near you and there's nothing there's not another Airport for hours then look at all of the airports that are around you that are close to you to look for the cheapest travel option to where you're going and also try to plan for layover like are often cheaper whenever you have the more layover that you have so I'm not saying to get like a whole bunch legs in the hold and play over however if like you're going outside of the country right then try as much as I love a direct flight and as much as I would love to directly go somewhere if I could try to find a flight that it has a layover or two layover somewhere then depending on how long those lay overs are I might do that now I'm not suggesting to though this is a good idea I'm not suggesting to plan for lay overs that are like a day long layover or super long and then go and hang out somewhere and leave the airport if that is something you want to do then do that that is something that I have done before yes however if you miss your flight then you're gonna be screwed and then you're not gonna get another one so that's the only reason why I say be hesitant about doing that but if that's the way that you want to try to book your trip is to try to have an extra trip built inside of it because you have like a day-long layover what there somewhere something wherever then yeah I do that absolutely by all means that's as long as you know that you're able to keep track of the time and that you'll be able to get back to the airport on time for your flights because they're there the airline isn't going to have any sympathy for you if you miss your flight so always plan for multiple lay overs and usually what I do is I actually book one way to tip tickets I've tend to find that it can be easier to book a one-way ticket because then you can kind of um plan your layover Zand things like that rather than doing round trek round trip tends to be more expensive because you have to go back and on top of that you're at the whim of sort of when they want you to go back especially you know on a round-trip or whatever if you're using the same airline and things like that so I always try to do just one wait eight one-way tickets even in comparisons when I compared a round trip somewhere versus at the same date same time versus one-way tickets a lot of times one-way tickets are even just slightly cheaper and I mean saving money even if it's even if it's 20 30 40 bucks that's 20 30 40 bucks that I could spend in a night at a hotel wherever I'm going things like that so always try to try to plan ahead in that manner and try to look at all of the airports around you plan for layover and try and pick out the cheapest option do your research when it comes to flex because you can definitely flop find cheaper options than just looking at one site and looking at one Airport and flying at one time tip number two I am NOT one to stay in hostels or things like that though those are the cheapest options the cheapest ways to travel and I know it's kind of people do and a ton of people have fantastic times with I don't win when I'm not I don't like being around people like that that's just that's that's me I don't like being around strangers I bring a lot of stuff with me whenever I travel I don't like taking the opportunity and the chance of something happening my stuff and I just I don't like being around people I went when I I I didn't really do sleepover as much as a kid because I didn't really like sleeping around other people even though they were my friends when I was in college I didn't stay in dorms because I didn't want to be with roommates that I didn't know I didn't want to have to take showers and I take huge shower that's not for me so whenever I am from whenever I am looking for hotels and for lodging what I do because their hotels and hotels are going to be more expensive and I actually look for places that are away from the city center now this depends on where you're going okay let me preface this by saying that you don't want to go somewhere that is dangerous especially for Americans and stay far away from the city and far away from the tourists that is not something that you want to do however if you're going to somewhere safe I did this in Rome I did this in Thailand I did this in Spain I did this in London then if you're going somewhere that you know isn't it's an aggressive or anything towards Americans or people in general and it's not a terrible dangerous area then don't stay downtown a lot of people they like to try to do that they want to stay close to where it is where everything is that they're going to be seeing and what they're going to be doing and that's fantastic and great and can't save on transport costs however what I found is that the cost of public transit or any transit that you're going to get that needs to take you to where you're going to be going versus the cost of staying at a hotel where all the tourists are going to be that's in the middle of the city or in downtown or anything is so much greater look like it's going to cost you so much more money to stay in a hotel that's close to a city center that's close to downtown and buy a bunch of tourists than it will for you to just stay 20 30 minutes away from where that location is and spend a lot less money and so that's what I often suggest doing it even though I'm saying somewhere in the us

if I'm do that if I'm going to New York I'm not going to stay in New York the cost of hotels are exponentially higher than staying in Jersey which is 3045 minutes away from New York and even the cost of taking a lyft uber a cab the subway into the city is so much cheaper than its going to be for me spending the nights on there in New York it cost so much extra money to stay in lodging that is closer to say the center so always always do that like that here most places and just 20 30 40 minutes outside of the city isn't going to be that bad especially if you have if you rented a car or something then definitely if you printed like a car why are you even staying anywhere in the same period like stay as far away as you feel comfortable and safe and then just you know drive in everyday you know so yeah definitely definitely always plan for lodging that way that's the way I've always done it tip number three and a tip that was kind of difficult for me to learn at first get a prepaid SIM card I was hesitant at doing that whereas a couple times that I went outside of the country because it was going to have a different number than my phone number and I wasn't sure how much rates were going to be in things like that if it was going to work in my phone however they all work in your phones now and it is so much better to do rust me rust me then having to use your phone and paying for international data and paying for using international voice and things like that I've gone to one too many countries now and have one too many phone bills that are hundreds of dollars because while I was there I had to it ended up having to talk on the phone and it cost a ton of money or ended up having to use the data there and it costs a ton of money and then on top of that I haven't really had fantastic service there and one of the things you don't want to happen which has happened to me before actually a couple times is you're in another country you can't read you know signs and things like that and you need to go somewhere and you can't read how love bus map works how the Metro works or you don't know where it is you drove from or came from and you have no service so you're stuck just driving around aimlessly walking around aimlessly looking for people hoping that they might speak English or something because you have no service so get a prepaid sim card if for nothing else to carry around with you in your wallet in your back pocket in your back pack and whenever you run into times where you don't have service then pop it in because trust me I wish that I would have done that on it so someone places that I went to where I where I was like oh I have to phone I'll be fine but most of those homes are with the same carrier so when one doesn't have service the other one doesn't have service so pointless so you always get a free page down there like 20 bucks or something it's not like it's going it's gonna be that expensive so definitely definitely do that it's just it's an easy way to save a lot of money when you're traveling and you know you can always send a text to someone hey this is so insulting calling you from this week number it's prepaid sound blah blah so you can talk to people tip number four find three things to do I can't tell you how many times I've gone somewhere with friends and family that to go do the most expensive things the entire time they're on except they want to go to the best restaurant up here and the highest-rated this and they want to go in and go into this place which charges you for admission and go see this movie in this play and they want to go shopping at this place why you can do all that stuff that's home why are you going to go see a movie and go shopping and stuff like that when you're on vacation yes you might be able to find some fantastic European fashions and stuff which I have you know shopped in and and boxed up and went to malls when I when I'm traveling I have but it's not my main concern a lot of times what I do and how I enjoy and afford a lot of my trips and how I do so much is I look up three things to do all the time yes you're bound to end up wanting to do things that are going to cost money cool plan those out accordingly what I do is whenever I'm getting ready to go on a trip and things like that I plan out what I'm going to doing every single day usually what I've tried to do is do things that are in a certain area so if I'm going to be in Rome for three days I'm gonna do this and north and north Rome and then this in Vatican City and then this and you know all of these things here I'm going to plan for different things so that way I might spend I might have one activity that costs money for that day maybe do and then the rest today is all free stuff it's all stuff where I'm going to be just doing tourist things I'm looking around or seeing sights or whatever so always find free things to do and don't assume that just because something cost money it's better like when I was in Thailand there was a couple different lakes that you go to that were supposed to be epic and beautiful and the most beautiful thing you've ever seen one of them actually cost money I think was like 20 or 25 baht or whatever which isn't actually that much money when it comes to like American dollars but if there was a cost with it whereas Tyla you know Phuket is an island so there's like a top it's surrounded by water so there's all these other places to go to but this one you know view in one area socially so beautiful but it costs money and it's like and you know I went to it and everything and yes it was really pretty but it wasn't any different than some of the beaches that I could have gone to for free so it would the only difference was is there were less people but that's only definitely concerned if you're going in the middle of the day and it also depends on what Beach you're going to a lot of people are only going to the tourist beaches there so if you go to one of the local beaches or the other beaches that aren't where all the tourists are then you know you don't necessarily have to worry about so just because that Beach costs money didn't make it any better but the but people automatically assume that oh this cost money to get into clearly this must be a better Beach than everywhere else no not necessarily so don't think that same thing whenever you're traveling and whenever you're going to other places just because something costs money doesn't mean that it's more fun doesn't mean that it's better just because you have locals that are hassling you into trying something because they can tell you're American they can tell you're tourists they can tell whatever that you know you're visiting don't you know allow people to hassle you into doing things just stick to your plan and do stuff that is fun for you find things that you know you're going to enjoy doing and that doesn't have to cost money because otherwise if you're you'll have a much shorter trip if everything that you have to do cost money you know whereas you can find a lot of free things to do that are just as fun and I've found tons of free stuff to do even just sightseeing you can go around and sightseeing you don't have to go inside the Vatican you can just view ttle and definitely go inside but if you can't afford it then walk around outside it's super beautiful you know you don't have to pay to go inside the Colosseum if you're going to Rome I definitely suggest doing it it's amazing and yeah it's something that I would if that was the only thing I could do I would but I mean you can also enjoy the outside and see everything that's out there you can go and see all these other beautiful historic ruins and monuments of things that are outside yeah you don't have to always pay to get it there are plenty of free museums that places you don't have to go to the museums that charge you there are just as good museums that are free so just keep that in mind don't always think that you have to go and spend all of your money and do things that cost money do free things go to a free Beach go to a free park like yes you can do those things probably back at home but at least it's free and it gives you something to do the whole point is experiences and exploring not just making yourself go broke on the trip you know experience things to experience new things and go and do things that you maybe can't do at home or you know just because you're doing it somewhere else that's still different you know tip number five so this one is going to be little bit a little bit difficult to understand but go with me buy supermarket food now I know what you're thinking you're like well I'm visiting somewhere I'm in another country why do I want to buy supermarket food well hey if you're in another country chances are that you're going to be getting their version of whatever supermarket food is so that can be different and that's going to be local to them or whatever as it is and B this is a fantastic way to save money now wherever you are I definitely recommend trying the local food absolutely go out to eat go somewhere and try something new that is the point of traveling try something to get out of your comfort zone absolutely however not every meal has to be a meal where you're trying where you're paying for it not every meal has to be at a restaurant not every single one you know plan on having one meal a day at the restaurant plan on having dinner at a restaurant for that usually that's what I do I have breakfast one day at one restaurant lunch one day at another restaurant where else would be dinner one day at restaurants that way I get to try all different meals and all different local cuisine to that however I am NOT going to sit there and for breakfast lunch dinner midnight snack and everything go to a restaurant no I'm going to go to the nearest 7-eleven the nearest pharmacy the nearest what would a grocery store supermarket whatever it is that they have that's by me and I'm going to buy food that AI might know or maybe I want to try something different and B that is relatively cheap but that won't spoil easily you know I'm not gonna buy like a bunch of fruits and vegetables and stuff I might not have a fridge I'm gonna buy like Pringles and chips and and some drinks and things like that I'm going to buy stuff that I can easily eat that is filling but isn't expensive that way I have stuff that I can bring with me I can put in my backpack I can eat mom on the go and have something to eat in the hotel so I don't get to the point of starving or anything but I'm not spending all of this money on food because food can be one of the most since things that you end up that you end up spending on a lot of money hungry travelers trust me I know it's because it's all separate meals so you don't think about it you go somewhere and you spend $20 on this meal and then you go somewhere else you spend $10 on ice cream and you go somewhere else you spend $40 on this meal and before you know it you just spent like $70 in a day on food and you didn't realize it especially if you're traveling with family and with kids and everything so get snacks and everything as soon as you get to your hotel make that like your first priority the first stuff that you have so that way you got you have snacks and you have food and you have like little do-it-yourself meals like cans of Chef Boyardee and ravioli and ramen and stuff like that so that way you can spend your money elsewhere like yes it's definitely important to try the local cuisine and definitely do that but that doesn't need to be every meal you don't need to spend an absorbent amount of money on it ever trust me you're you'll you'll thank yourself when you have more money at the end of your trip then for eating all the local food and going to a restaurant every single meal because I've done that and I didn't feel it was is worth thanks back tip number six so this one is pretty self-explanatory as well but it's not something that I always do but it depends on where I am and that is make use of the local transit public transit and walk if I am somewhere where I can walk I will absolutely walk as long as I feel safe no but that I always have to preface this by saying that don't do anything that you don't feel safe at doing I never do anything whenever I'm traveling where I don't feel safe if I don't feel safe in an area if I don't feel safe getting on a bus if I don't feel safe walking I will not do it so use your own common sense pay attention to your surroundings and judge whether or not this is a safe bus stop or area to get off at more area to go to if this is a safe enough area at a public enough area for me to walk if it's not too late if it's the middle of the day use your own common sense when it comes to those things okay because I do but whenever I am somewhere where there is public transit and it's good and I know that it's good public transit then I will use it you know I won't always rent a car normally when I travel now I always try to rent a car just because I feel the most comfortable driving around even if it's in another country or things like that but that can be really expensive and I can't add and a necessary bill onto your trip so unless you can afford to do it and unless you really feel the need to get a car then you know utilize public transit there's public transit basically everywhere get on him get on the bus study the bus routes before you take them you know if you need to print the mountain Google Maps is fantastic for public transit routes and Google Maps has options whenever you're looking for places to go where you can click on using buses and it will show you how to use the bus it's how to use Subway's what time all of them are leaving which which line you to take where you need to go it will if you know you need to go somewhere specific it will map out everything it will say that you know got like take your take the bus to here and then get up here and then walk over here and get on this bus and then walk over here get on this subway it will give you every step along the way so you know and every phone can have Google Maps even if you have an iPhone so download that and one of the things that you can also do with Google Maps is you can actually download offline maps if you go in there if you go into the settings everything you actually I can actually download offline map so that way you can actually view the the map even when you don't have service so that's a fantastic thing to do and you can download actually a couple different offline maps depending on where you're gonna be going so that is that's something that I highly recommend doing as well and that will save you a lot of time and a lot of headache especially you don't have service but definitely utilize walking as much as possible to the best of your ability and definitely utilize public transit you will immediate I immediately appreciate doing that versus having to drive yourself especially if you've been out walking all day and stuff like that you know tip number seven now this one's gonna be a little bit different and go with me and this tip is definitely not for everyone so consider who you are as a person and think about it for the best of your ability however basically tip number seven is make local or tourist friends with apps like Grindr tender whatever now I don't know about straight people I don't know what you guys have so I can't really the only thing I can really think of it's like tender so I don't know and I think that's definitely more for like dating or whatever but like for the gay guys we have like Rinder no idea for like lesbians and stuff sorry I can't help you but there is Grindr and there's other apps like that now I know it can be scary meeting people online in general and you run into risk of anything no matter where you are never guess like that however when I traveled I have utilized especially Grindr and some other apps a lot and I've been able to make friends that way but people who are travelling not not everybody is just looking for a hook-up and everything else like that but that is something that exists on those apps so be wary and be mindful of what you're looking for but I have been able to make local friends and as well as tourist friends while using those apps when I'm traveling and just getting on there and putting in like a headline of hey American visiting or whatever and um a lot of locals will you know message you'll be like hey where where are you visiting from is what Comerica and I went there and well and they can actually give you ideas on stuff to do so if you're not brave enough sense to certainly meet anybody right in person what you can do is also get ideas of places to go I've gotten a lot of locals knowledge from locals who live there their entire life and they know where to go and what to do and they'll be like hey rather than going to this Beach or rather than going here at this time go here watch out for the traffic here at this time law block there this this is a bad part of town to go and a lot of their advice will be actually really genuine like I like in my experience when I've done this even especially with travelling abroad a lot of their advice has been genuine of you know oh don't go here at this time don't do this assistance I'm blah blah yes I have run into people that just like want to hook up or whatever and yes you definitely definitely need to be careful when meeting anybody especially when you're somewhere abroad especially if no one knows where you're going or where you are I've never met anybody at night I've never gone to someone's house or anything else like that like if I've met anybody it's been in public it's been in a hotel it's been somewhere that I was well lit they're people like it's always been somewhere where I myself felt comfortable with going so I'm not telling you guys hey just download crying during go meet people at one o'clock in the morning and go crazy know like that I'm not saying like hey go download crying or go meet someone in the back of an alley at 2:00 am like no no don't do that like I'm saying get on there and ask people for local travel information and things like that and they and often times I found that they'll help you and then there's also a lot of people that are visiting as well if you're going to a tough popular tourist area chances are there's going to be another tourist there that speaks English or whatever languages is that you happen to speak and you guys might even be from the same country from the same area and then you guys might hit it off in that way I'm like oh hey oh my god I've had that happen tons of times where I've been somewhere and there's been other Americans that are there visiting was like hey we live a state over from each other or whatever you know so then if they've been somewhere more than I have or they may be found something else to do then we've taught me to exchange ideas okay what are you going to do oh I'm going to do this and this this oh really I didn't know you could do this here where's that I blow a lot like you know we talked to each other and found other things to do and some of those people I even made friends with and Menten in real life and we hung out on the vacation and stuff and it was it was super great but again never put yourself in danger I'm saying what I did and I did everything that allowed me to feel comfortable that allowed me to know where I was meeting them with in public and say and that nothing would happen to me I made sure and I took steps before meeting someone don't just go out and meet some random person in the middle of the night somewhere you don't know where you're meeting it okay like that's that's never ever smart to do even even even places that you live don't just go meet some random stranger at one o'clock in the morning and you've never met them before you know like don't be smart okay tip number eight and my final and last tip is going to be condensed the time you spend at each location now a lot of times what I do is I might take off a lot of time off work like a week or two or something however long I can kind of take off and then plan for several trips rather than just one sometimes I've just gone on just one trip for a couple days here or whatever but I'm the kind of person where I'll get bored I don't want to stay in one place too long if I get like cabin cabin fever and stuff like that so what I'll do is I will if I'm going somewhere like let's say that I'm going to Europe or something right like oh I'm going to go to Spain well then staying isn't too far from like going to France so then let's say that I want to go to France as well or you know we can even rein it in more and let's say if I look so that I'm going to go to Barcelona well Barcelona is only a few hours away from Madrid so I also kind of want to go there and then I could also drive to like somewhere else as well so it's always cheaper to fly from where you are at like where where you're going to be and plan from there especially with flights in Europe and in other countries are a lot cheaper than they are in the us US and it's so expensive a cloud here is ridiculous so if you plan on you know saying hey well I also want to go spend a couple days here then plan a flight from wherever you're going to be to there or maybe plan on driving it might be cheaper to drive if you can rent a car and drive it to there because allow those places are really close it's only a few hours away then drive but don't stay somewhere too long and think that you're gonna get bored of being there you know plan on doing other stuff condense the time that you're going to spend in one location and then move on and do other stuff as well that's how you have multiple trips and that's how you never get sort of sort of like just bored with doing something right a lot of these cities and huge places are fantastic and great but at the same time there's only so much to do in them you know if you go to New York there's only a New York is a huge city and you may never run out of things to do but at the same time a lot of it after a while kind of gets to be repetitive and doing the same thing in just a different part of the city right so plan on going somewhere else be like well New York it's great but I'm also not extremely far away from Canada maybe I could drive up there or fly up there because it's not cheap to fly from you know JFK to Buffalo or JFK to Toronto so maybe I can do that if I'm gonna be in California you know if I'm going to San Francisco for a couple days why not fly down to LA or to San Diego or something like because it's not super expensive for those flights so look at other options and alternatives of places to go other than just the place that you happen to be staying at I promise you in doing that you will have so much more of an amazing trip and it will be so much cheaper to do it that way to buy ticket um when when you're there and often times especially when you're traveling out of the country what I've done is I've actually bought some of those tickets last-minute depending on how far they are and where they're going just because they weren't really extented like when I went to Phuket buying a ticket last minute from Phuket Bangkok was like 40 bucks so even though it was last-minute so yeah I probably could have bought it for like 25 or 20 dollars or whatever whenever I had planned the trip but it was like well I could just do it last minute because the ticket price isn't expensive just so that way I can plan exactly when I wanted to go in case something came up or in case I need to switch around the days which I actually ended up needing to do when I was there so you know it it was just that flying is a lot cheaper so plan on doing that if that's what you want to do if you want to spend your entire week or two weeks in and wherever you're going to be then you know it's your vacation do that but there's a lot of times where I went on vacation where sometimes I kind of got bored or where I had wished that I had looked more of what was around the city where I was not just where I was planning on being because there was so much more to do an hour or two hours away that I could have done that was really cheap so do that and just just kind of look into those other options and I promise you you'll be very happy that you did because then that's how you end up having multiple vacations put into one and you have you end up having this epic time and going to so many more places if you're going out of the country I definitely recommend looking up other countries especially going somewhere like Europe or whatever or Asia things like that there's a ton of countries really close together so you know they're part there's far apartments like States are here in the US so look up other countries that are really cheap to travel to from wherever you're going and go to those as well why not hit you want to hit two or three other countries it takes so long to fly out and out of here that you know that's definitely what I would want to do I'd want to go to as many countries as possible where the flight fling it'd be like an hour or it's gonna take an hour and have to drive or something versus having to plan all these extra trips you know to go out here again and that would be so much more expensive so definitely suggest doing that either way I hope you guys enjoyed this I do hope that this helps you guys out these are definitely tips that I live by and things that I do every single day and every time that I go on a vacation so I do know that they worked and I do know that it is something that has helped me out tremendously when traveling and allowed me to spend to save so much money while traveling if you guys did enjoy this please let me know like comment and subscribe down below be sure to hit the little bell notification next to the subscribe button and let me know if these tips helped you guys out if you guys want to see more tips if you have specific questions for different things with traveling if you guys want to know you know other ways of tips of doing things then let me know comment below and I will try to answer those the best my ability or make a video about it just you know like ask away I am an open book and I have plenty plenty of travel knowledge because I do it all the time I love to do it and I've had to do it by myself for so long at the young adult not having super great jobs before and everything so trust me I can help you anyway say you guys want to see more let's get into it videos where I help you give you guys other travel advice and tips and things that I use to allow me to travel click the box here if you guys want to see other if you guys want to see product review videos where I'm reviewing great travel products that you should definitely take with you when traveling click the box here and if you guys want to see other videos about travel and travel related stuff and unboxing videos then click the boxes up here and I will see you guys around the world bye

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