January 17, 2019

The Travel Tips You’ll Love!

– 12 hundred adults were surveyed recently in the US Over 80% of them believe that they lost out on quality time with their significant other for not taking a vacation

I brought in the Travel Mom herself, Emily Kaufman, to give us some ideas on how to add take a vacation to your resolution list, without breaking the bank You should travel more So this is Emily Kaufman, hello Emily – Hi, Steve – Okay, let's start off with a question from a couple in the audience

Where's Tiffany and Lester? What's your question for Emily? – 'Sup Steve, hi Emily – [Steve] 'Sup Les (laughing) – So we've been married for six years, and we have three children together, and we have yet to travel together, like we didn't even have a honeymoon – Yeah, and it's more difficult even now because I just became a police officer, so it's like a different balance (audience applause) It's like trying to find time to balance with the kids, her

Steve, I need help, Emily, I need help Look, God gave me this woman, I gotta take some time with her He took time making her – Oh, wow – Hey, I need some time with her

– Yeah, okay, so Emily what advice do you have for people in that situation? – Well, where do you live? – We live in the city of Pomona – Okay, so you're Los Angeles based? – Yes – So some ideas that you might not think of are Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Super easy to get to, you have breakfast at your house, lunch at the beach in Puerto Vallarta Visitor and convention center websites are filled with information about a destination, and they're free resources where you can get information

It'll have a calendar, activities, special events I was on the visitPuertoVallartacom and saw all the Christmas holiday festivities And it goes all the way through December 31st, with a spectacular New Year's Eve celebration So some place like Puerto Vallarta could be good for you

– [Lester] Oh, thank you – Thank you – Thank you, I appreciate it – So let me ask you a question though Emily Give me ballpark prices

– I'm gonna talk about shoulder season, because shoulder season is the deal time of year Shoulder season comes after the Christmas holidays and before spring break It's where you find the big deals – Okay, good Added value, extra rooms, upgrades to different things, cruising especially

Cruising is a wonderful way, you pack and unpack one time, see all kinds of different places, great value And January is a terrific time to go do that – I want people to look at traveling, man, because listen to me, you can wake up in a different city, in a different country, and when you wake up you never had to pack That's the cool way to do it And then you eat all you want on these boats

I mean, it's just crazy So here's what I wanted to say I'm heading to Thailand this year Actually going to Bangkok, Thailand, December 16th Because that's where Miss Universe is this year

Which airs on December 17th So you and I both love Thailand – We do – So tell Tiffany and Lester about Thailand – Thailand is made up of some of the nicest people I've met in the entire world

Bangkok is busy, hustle bustle, lots of action Phuket is some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to, and I stayed at a wonderful place called Sri Panwa Sri Panwa goes out on a peninsula, surrounded by water, all pool villas Steve, it's your kind of place – So Lester

– [Lester] Yes – Would you and Tiffany like to go to Thailand? – We would love that! – Absolutely, absolutely – Well I guess since Emily dun told us all about it, we might as well send y'all – Whew, yeah! – So (audience clapping and cheering) Your gonna fly on a absolutely incredible airline called Cathay Pacific Airways, who operates over 100 flights per week to Hong Kong, and beyond

And are sending both of you on a six night vacation to Thailand So listen to this Emily, tell them about it – The hotels I was telling you about, Sri Panwa, you're going to spend two nights– – Really? – At Thailand's most luxurious place– – They staying there? – Sri Panwa And then they are gonna head over to brand new beach front resort, Ba Ba Beach Club, and then you're going to finish your trip with two nights at the Ba Ba Beach Club, Hua Hin

It's where the king's summer palace is – That's where I'm gonna be I'm gonna be right over there with the king I love Emily Now, Tiffany and Lester, how does that sound? – Thank you, Thank you! – That sounds lovely man! – Man, enjoy yourself, man

Have a good time, man! Emily, really, you gotta come back – I would love to – You gotta take us some more trips You've got some great travel deals, and listen everybody, for more information on these trips, that we mentioned today, head over to SteveTvcom

Hey Lester and Tiffany, y'all enjoy yourself We'll be right back everybody

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