January 18, 2019

St. Augustine, Florida- Perfect 48 Hour Travel Guide !

What's up guys I'm Jon And we're in St Augustine , Florida America's Oldest City A place with a little bit of everything From colonial history To world class food, art, and culture

Let's spend the perfect 48 hours in St Augustine Founded in 1565 by the Spanish This gem off the Atlantic Is the perfect spot for a getaway And you're about to find out why Location is so important when picking a hotel And you can't get much closer to the action Than the StGeorge Inn located at the gateway to the city Location, location, location Situated just steps from the old city gates The St George Inn's rooms are charming With plenty of space to relax Or better yet, step out onto your balcony And enjoy an unobstructed view of the Castillo de San Marcos Fuel up every morning of your trip with their tasty breakfast spread We've got a lot to cover Day 1 We're starting our first morning touring two historic gems That were former hotels, courtesy of Henry Flagler And we're going to be starting at his namesake Flagler College Henry Flagler a key figure in developing Florida's Atlantic Coast In the late 19th century Left a lasting impact on St

Augustine You need to tour Flagler College A small 4 year school that was once the Ponce de Leon Hotel A local student will show you the ropes It must be pretty cool going to college In a former luxury hotel That feels like an art exhibit How anyone can study in this beautiful courtyard Is beyond me Our guide agreed You won't catch me studying here After you tour one of the most elegant campuses you'll ever see Head across the street To the lightner museum Which was the former Alcazar hotel Step back in time with some quirky exhibits You can even hear old style music if you're lucky Work up an appetite because we're about to have one memorable lunch Head down Aviles America's Oldest Street To find La Herencia A Cuban American joint With some serious flavor The cute decor blends perfectly with the tasty bites I had the best ropa vieja since I was in Havana And Team Adriana loved her steak Save some room for dessert Because right next door Is peace pie A local favorite A family business

dad came up with the crazy idea To put a layer of pie filling In an ice cream sandwich The result, absolutely delicious Take a short break after your food coma Because we've got surprises this afternoon We're standing in front of the most famous landmark In St Augustine The Castillo de San Marcos At different times under Spanish, British, and American rule This is a national monument And we're about to take you inside Construction began on this fort In 1627 by the Spanish This is the oldest Masonry Fort in the continental United States Never captured in Battle This landmark of Saint Augustine Is majestic from the inside And out Roam the interior the courtyard And the walls above And try to imagine being a Spanish soldier for a day If you're a history buff there's no better place to visit in town There's no nicer way to spend a sunset in St

Augustine Than at one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the state of Florida Normally, walking up 219 steps wouldn't appeal to me But there was something in the air that night And I have to let you guys in on a secret St Augustine is one of the best spots in America To propose And the lighthouse is the one of the best places to do so So i set up Team Adriana For a pose And well She never saw it coming Hey turn Come here I want to spend the rest of my life with you Will you marry me? You're so stupid Yeah Yes, she said yes okay That's good

That's the important part It fits Oh my god If you're interested in proposing up there Email the staff, they'll even take photos for you free of charge But if you're already married or single The views aren't to shabby either

I'm so happy I have my glasses on My sunglasses on So you don't see me crying For your first dinner You need to try a real powerhouse in town And Michael's Tasting Room Is just the answer This romantic spot has an extensive wine list My New York Strip Steak tasted as good as it looked And Team Adriana loved her steak frites This is the perfect place to celebrate life or in our case An engagement During the holiday season The nights of lights turns St

Augustine into one of the most charming cities in America Don these cheesy 3d glasses If you dare And get zipped around the city by trolley As you marvel at how much this place Really shines From buildings to parks and even the Lightner Museum Everybody is in on the act If you want even more flexibility Just go explore by foot There's really no right way to appreciate this amazing light display Legend states that Conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon was looking For the lost fountain of Youth This park commemorates that legend And is an extremely unique place to visit when you come to Florida While the fountain of youth may or may not be legend We had to find out for our scientfiic purposes If this thing actually worked My back feels a little bit better actually But this park is more than just the Fountain of Youth Learn about early Florida history See how the native American's lived Find exotic birds roaming about Even watch someone fire off an old rifle And get a feel for the Spanish influence in the area You may even leave as impressed as I was And make sure to say hi to Juan Ponce de Leon before you leave For our second morning activity hop on the Victory III docked at the Marina And get another vantage point of St

Augustine and the surrounding coast By boat This 90 minute ride is at a slow pace And really allows you to soak in all of the beautiful atmosphere I hope you came hungry for lunch Because you're doing a food tour With the tasting tours And the corks and forks version Is going to live up to its hype Chef Damian is going to explain the most important thing My goal is the more wine we get the better Right Damian a native of StAugustine Was the perfect guide As he blended his knowledge of local history With an ability to take us to the right places in town to eat And drink From juicy meat loaf at the old city house inn To eating escargot in the former pool of the Alcazar Hotel He's going to keep you on your toes You'll drink plenty of good wine And even make some new friends Just make sure to save some room for dessert Trust me This afternoon we've driven down to Marineland Dolphin Adventure And their mission is the preservation and conservation of marine life They also are the worlds first oceanarium They've got cinema history here You're going to learn a lot Marineworld is an oceanic fan's Dream come true Come meet some of their world famous dolphins Who receive the best care from the on-site help You can get up close and personal with some of them Under the watchful eye of the staff This is also the filming site of many old movies That needed underwater settings And even the current movie Bernie the Dolphin Played by one of the Dolphin's who lives here But there's so many good things going on at Marineland from saving an injured turtle To scientific studies of sharks Any trip here will include a guided tour Make sure you enjoy the downtstairs room filled with schools of fish And other underwater creatures This non profit is a must visit if you come To St Augustine You're right by the coast And for your last dinner You're craving some fresh seafood Catch 27 is definitley your spot Start off with the perfect cocktails St Augustine is well known for its gin So be sure to order a fennel word From deviled eggs as an appetizer To tasty shrimp And salmon You can't go wrong with any of your choices here There you have it The perfect 48 hours in St

Augustine Florida America's Oldest City The entire itinerary is linked down below In the description So give it a look Make sure to tell me in the comments What you thought about this video And if you'd visit St Augustine Make sure to subscribe if you're new to this channel For more travel adventures From around the world Thank you so much for watching as always Until next time

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