January 18, 2019

How to Pack for a LONG trip | Hacks and Tips!

hey guys welcome back to my vlog my name is Lea also known as travel Lea and today we are going to break down what's in my backpack I'm gonna show you everything that's in there and why I have it and how to pack for extended travel so stay tuned or we get started please subscribe to my channel and go ahead and hit that Bell notification so you get notified every time I upload a new video and hit the big thumbs up on this video that would really help out my channel a lot let's jump right into it first before we want to start I just want to tell you guys do not do not do not stress about packing I used to stress out so much about packing making sure I have every little thing that I need just so you guys know there are stores in other parts of the world I know still want to have everything that you need but just trust me on this do not stress packing is now like one of my least biggest stresses because I just know that if I forget something you can always pick it up just make sure you have the most important things with you you can buy which almost anything do not allow stress to make you over pack because today we are learning how to pack lightly and somewhat minimalistic for a long-term travel big question I get from everybody how do you know what to pack how much do you pack how much of this do you pack how many underwear should I pack should I pack any underwear I'm gonna answer all these questions right now so first of all how do you know what to pack you need to research your location once I pick a destination to travel I research the crap out of their weather and I look at their 10-day forecast I look at their 30-day forecast I look at their national their averages over the last few years I ask people who live there i watch blogs or vlogs of people visiting the same month I'm going I go on Instagram and check to see instagramers posting pictures and see what they're wearing to kind of tell what the weather is like I do a lot once I do that I figure out you know what the weather is gonna be like and then I can figure out what I need to pack like I said I have been stalking the weather so on my phone right now I have taipei and bali already on here and i've just been following them for like a month in both locations bali is a little bit warmer taipei is like about low 70s high 60s and bali is high 70s low 80s so both of them are semi warm locations taipei I'm a little bit concerned about so basically I knew that I could dress for summer but I should also have a few items that I can layer up just in case it's cold when we go through my packing you will see a mixture of kind of like spring type clothing so not super warm but also not super cold weather is number 1 or 2 is what activities do you plan to do so you know what type of traveler you are are you like a luxurious like bougie traveler do you need to have accessories and you know nice designer item or are you more like an adventurous traveler where you just need to have clothes that you can move and swim and jump and I don't know you know type of traveler you are so you might be the resort type that you just need some nice clothes and you don't need much but a swimsuit and some nice clothes or you might just need a bunch of leggings because you're hiking every day I don't know me personally I'm a mixture of both I keep that in mind when packing so I have a mixture of just casual items because I do like to hike and I do walk around a lot and then I also have some nicer clothing from when I want to dress out up and go out or just sightsee and just be really cute and girly because I have those items that can go for both things that can go for casual but also are really comfy and I can walk around in lastly how do you know what to pack what do you like to wear what do you wear on a regular basis what makes you feel comfortable and what do you think you would want to wear I don't know how else to say it just what do you want to wear me personally I like to wear like flowy items I love to wear it dresses and skirts when I travel I mainly like to wear dresses like those flowy like maxi dresses just flowy just light material I love those the most they feel the best on me and I feel like really feminine in them and but I can still like literally I could hike in those dresses no problem so that's me personally I like to wear dresses so I pack a lot of dresses and skirts now that you know what to pow how do you know how much to pack this is what I'm going to show you right now so I'm gonna break down and show you everything that I pack for my extended travels all right so let's start over here these are all my undergarments I have two swimsuits I have a whole package of underwear just so you guys know when I travel I like to put it in smaller compartments just so everything is not just floating around in my backpack I can find them easily so I have probably about eight pairs of underwear and this is very compact literally you can fit a ton of underwear in here especially if you're a girl like me I just wear thongs I'm just being real with you guys so I could probably pack 100 thongs in here and it'll still fit but anyway underwear is really important I would not say to skip on the underwear you do not want to have to do laundry more than you have to when you travel for extended travel okay that is it's just a hassle you don't want to do it so you can re wear shorts skirts dresses you could probably wear them each two times three times if you're not like a musty person underwear I'm sorry you'd have to change them every day guys sometimes I even change them twice a day because when I'm traveling I'm walking girl I'm walking all day and at night I might want to change and slip into something nice for dinner or something so I sometimes I use two underwear in a day I have two pairs of socks I only two pairs of socks because remember I'm going to a tropical place so you guys will see when I get down to the shoes you'll see that I don't have any shoes to even wear socks but I just have two pairs to alternate whenever I do go hiking or need my tennis shoes and then I have two undershirts these are just like spaghetti strap shirts that are good for layering number one layering also I also use those to sleep in sometimes they'll be my sleep shirts but mainly they're for layering purposes speaking of sleep I have my sleep shorts these are just shorts just loose fabric shorts that I use to sleep in and as like pajamas moving over here to the rest of my clothes so I have two pairs of pants they're both flowy pants because I like flowy materials they're both long pants kind of light material so they can work for a cold weather hand for warm weather two pairs of like kind of leggings this pair is actually a workout pant so it's like that spandex real good spandex material for hiking but can also be doubled as just regular leggings these are actual just leggings black just black leggings I have my skirts so I have three skirts that I have with me I have a long skirt a short skirt and then I have a tight skirt that I actually used to go out with this skirt when I'm talking about multifunctional I can use it for an everyday skirt but this is actually a skirt it's like a body con it's a tight skirt that I will then use I use this skirt to go out so if I meet somebody they're like oh my god let's go to the club I don't want to pack like a clubbing outfit like for what I'm never probably going to use it so I decided to bring this skirt and then I can dress it up with the top one time I'll show a picture I went out in Bangkok I wore like a little crochet bikini top in this and it looked really cute with some strappy sandals and then there you go you got a going out outfit and then I have one pair denim shorts you gotta have denim shorts Oh moving down to my shirts I have five shirts here there are a variety of crop tops regular shirts and one long sleeve shirt that I'll use for layering so I only have five and I'm you're packing for extended travel one thing that's important is making sure that they match your bottoms and by match I mean that you can mix and match and you won't look crazy so as you guys can see like my overall theme I have a lot of like neutral natural color that has blacks so pretty much everything in match with almost everything every top almost fits with every single bottom that you see here that is definitely important if you're traveling packing for long term travel if you care about fashion if you don't care then who cares but if you care I slightly care about how I look I take a lot of pics for Instagram and you know how that goes so I want to make sure that I look cute so I have a lot of items that I can mix and match and that look good together I have two dresses so I know that I said that I love wearing dresses but here I am only packing two but that's just because you can buy dresses in Bali and so I'm saving space to buy some dresses in Bali just like I bought dresses in Thailand you know I just I just want to have some of those cultural items so keep it in mind if you're traveling you're gonna want to buy some stuff and so you don't want to take up all your space with your items one sweater so this sweater is amazing it's like a light material here I'll show you so it's like a lighter material as you can see it's very thin but it actually does keep you warm and this is just gonna be like for layering purposes definitely for Taiwan because it is gonna be a little bit chilly there so in but it's always important I don't care where you go you need to have one warm because you don't know what's gonna happen weather-wise also planes and trains are freezing even buses are freezing so if you're taking those type of transportation you're gonna be cold and you just need to have at least one warm item and I have my rain jacket this this is a new addition to my backpack I didn't used to have a rain jacket but it's definitely important and it's very lightweight and you can also use it for ding-ding-ding you got it right layering because it could be cold and you don't want to lug around a big jacket so now you can layer now my shoes and traveling for a long period of time you definitely want to make sure your feet are comfortable and you want to have shoes for different things once again this goes back to what you do when you travel so think about what you do and what is necessary for me I do a lot of walking when I travel and I do a lot of hiking and stuff like that so I need to have comfortable shoes I found this out from experienced comfort for me when traveling is more important than fashion I have four pairs of shoes that I travel with these I don't really consider them shoes but they're just flip-flops they're just regular old flip-flops and these are really important do not travel without flip-flops just nasty ol little flip-flops why if you stay in hostels you do not want to step on that shower floor and you probably don't want to walk around the hostel barefoot number two for the beach it's great to have some just flip-flops for the beach for the pool so you don't have to get your other stuff wet or a dirty so number two I have these kind of like knockoff burke's they're not actual the Burk brand these are so so comfortable to walk in I could pretty much just walk all day in these and they're just really comfortable but also I got them because they're kind of like they're kind of they're not fancy but they look nice so I could pair them with one of these dresses or one of those skirts and I could wear like earrings and jewelry and it would look like nice like I could look nice not like a dirty backpacker I will look like a nice backpacker and I have these every day every situation shoes these are sketcher and so these could be worn in water these are like waterproof I could wear them everywhere the beach any situation I can wear them without them getting ruined these are also extremely comfortable I can actually run in these so um in situations I will just use these to run I don't know about hiking because the bottom is very slippery but if it's just like a like a trek you know like flatland I will definitely use these last but not least out of my shoes I just have some tennis shoes I've had these tennis shoes for years probably about three years now and yeah they're actually still in pretty decent shape you don't want to take nice nice shoes if you're like me and these I took these when I was volunteering with the elephants and they were so muddy you know you don't want to take your nice brand-new sneakers out traveling so these I don't care what happens to them you know they can get muddy they can get broken up I really don't care but I need to have tennis shoes and you need to have tennis shoes I like to wear these also at the airport and just for walking more intense walking like hiking you need these okay that's it for all the clothing items now I'm gonna show you like the extra accessories and stuff that I have I'm like having to bend over like this these are the accessories that I take with me number one this is my toiletry bag with all my beauty products toothbrush toothpaste face wash stuff like that I will be doing an extended video about what I take as far as beauty products when I travel so stay tuned for that this is also a separate beauty bag with like razors cotton pad shower cap stuff like that this is my makeup bag with my travel makeup it's a good seat it's pretty empty I don't really travel with much makeup then I have two towels one bigger towel one smaller towel have a backpack yes this is a backpack it's a lightweight backpack it's packable it's amazing I can put it anywhere and it's actually a big backpack I can stuff a ton of stuff in there I have my mini umbrella travel journal this is really awesome to have while you're traveling you can jot down stuff just anything you'll meet other travelers and people they'll tell you where to go and you can just jot it down I fanny pack money belt this is a bag full of my electronics like my GoPro some chargers just electronics foldable water bottle I have a ton of tampons do you know that there are those diva cups sponges I'm not there yet personally ok I'm not there yet eventually I will get there we'll all be comfortable to use those but in the meantime I'm ringing tampons and if you are also a woman and you're not there yet bring tampons because a lot of countries either don't have them or it's extremely hard to find them or they have these weird applicators that hurt so I just play it safe and I bring a ton of tampons this will be enough for the cycles that I have while I'm traveling lastly I bring medicine this is very very important yes there are medicines in other countries but sometimes you don't understand what they're for what I just have what you normally use at home which you know works so I have just a few medicines like I don't get sick often but I know what happens I know what I guess sicknesses to look out for what typically happens so like I have motion sickness pills in here I have allergy pills because I have allergies you know what happens to your body you know your body so make sure that you are prepared for your body to fight back when you're in a foreign country eating foreign foods or whatnot okay finally that is it that is everything that fits in my backpacks is everything that I take for extended travel so now what are we gonna do we're gonna pack it on it now we're going to pack my backpack I'm going to show you that everything here fits in my backpack this is also something new so we're going to try this out together I'm gonna try some packing cubes so having everything in your backpack kind of makes it confusing because you're opening up you're grabbing things you like might grab a bunch of tops but you grab no bottoms and that was just so annoying to me so now I'm just going to kind of put like tops in one of these bottoms and a nun another one just so that they're all in one place let's go okay so that is it we are all packed up and as you can see like I didn't even pack it all the way this is really really small this backpack is 50 liters +10 so the additional ten is this part right here so this if you fill this up that's an additional ten liters so I definitely only filled up probably about 45 litres cuz even this part is not full just so you know when you are traveling as far as a carry-on item you can only take about 45 to 50 liters as it carry on onto the plane you need to definitely double check about the measurements and the weight capacity for different airlines but when my bag is packed at this capacity I am able to take it as a carry-on so that's why I keep it this small even though it's technically 60 litres I only fill it up this much so I can take it as a carry-on however whenever I come home I usually pay for a check bag so that I can bring home bunch of goodies and I fill this up to the brim personally I'm glad that I have a bigger backpack rather than smaller because you can always pack less or more and you have the flexibility of the option would not do just stand here yeah I mean you can breathe don't you like raised enough I just wanted to show you guys what it looks like almost everything in there so you can see in comparison to my party that's it well thank you guys for watching this talk with me blog and I hope that you guys learn something about packing for an extended period of time if you like this video please subscribe like and comment down below and I'll see you guys next one

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