January 16, 2019

HOW TO MAKE A TRAVEL VLOG – Camiguin Island Vlogging TIPS

– Camiguin Island, a small archipelago surrounded by cerulean blue waters, perfect white sand beaches, and seven very characteristic volcanoes Hmmmm

Did I mention one of them is still active? Oh good heavens me! The lands are fertile and the sunsets are said to be magical but what else does this island have in store you may ask Well, I invite you to find out here today, as we go behind the scenes (upbeat music) And then when I get towards the end, I'm gonna whip it All right guys, welcome to Camiguin Island Right now we are on a tricycle and today we've got a bit of a challenge with us because the sky is completely gray

As a travel filmmaker it's always a challenge when the weather doesn't cooperate but that will just be an extra challenge for us to overcome today The behind the scenes Thank you Room tour What's up guys? Welcome to the View Hotel

Probably comes out to just shy of $40 a night Now, you're thinking about getting into travel filmmaking and the thing that you need to know is that your beginning to the video is one of the most important parts You need to start with something that's engaging There needs to be some form of a hook It could be an interesting statement, it could be a crazy little skit that you've produced, or it could be shooting it while holding onto the back of a tricycle

It's more engaging than, hey guys, welcome to Christian's travel channel Now your intro is actually double important because of a little something called retention rate This is something that YouTube closely monitors Basically it's this If you only have 15% of your audience left after five seconds of your video starting, YouTube is in no way, shape, or form going to push or share your video

It will actually be deprioritized If you have a high retention rate, that's where you start getting suggested views That's where it starts pushing you to the home page and that is where you really need to hyper focus on making things engaging, getting that old fishing hook out, and most of all, telling people why they're there Instead of just creating a two minute cinematic highlight compilation of your travels throughout Southeast Asia that have absolutely no meaning, try to put a spin on it Tell people why they should watch this

Are you gonna be able to learn something by the end of it? Are you gonna be telling your story of traveling through Southeast Asia? Just putting together a cinematic sequence just will not do it anymore This is YouTube 2018 and what worked in 2015 no longer works So you need to hone in on your skills, your storytelling abilities, and let's go start off our day here in Camiguin Island Most people would just get on their motorbikes, but not us We are travel filmmakers and we're gonna spend the next three minutes shooting some B roll

So one of my number one tips if you're gonna make travel videos is show the travel in between Don't just magically talk about going somewhere and then whazam, you're there Unless it's intended, you can do cool transitions like that but if it's just constantly like, yeah we're gonna go here and then you show up there, it's like okay, but what happened in between? It's nice to film a bit of the travel I've got this quote, feel free to quote me on it I made it up myself

It's that travel is not about the destination, it's about the journey Meet Alex and Betty They are twin sisters and they've been living in Camiguin Island for nearly five months now, teaching free diving out of a dive school Right now we're going to cati baia sam falls, and how far away is it? – Six kilometers – Six kilometers away? And who's she? – Titi from

– Hi Titi! – Hi! – We're having some trouble, oh shit – (laughing) The front break won't stop us from sliding – Let me get a, beep beep – When you're making travel videos, there will be a lot of things that will be out of your control, that's essentially what travel is Today the weather has been extremely gray, which is always a bit of a challenge when you're making a video, and in today's case, not only was it a gray sky, but it actually led to them closing the water fall, so unexpected challenge, what is the solution? Well, we can either come back tomorrow, or we could get our immediate results

We're gonna fly this over the walls, over there, to try and find that view right there Not much luck with the water fall but the drone shots were beautiful, and I was actually able to get it up into the clouds When I brought back the drone it was covered in water, I actually lose complete visibility at one point We're now going 19 minutes away, according to Google Maps, to a local hot spring, we gotta be quick – Let's go! – One of the most relevant things in all of travel, is of course going to be expenses

So what I like to do is to share prices with either having titles on top of the video, or by actually recording the price on the menu, or on the sign, wherever I can see it I like to sometimes just insert it so people can see for themselves how much it would cost to have a similar experience So its 50 pesos per person so about a dollar to get in Wow the water's really blue Luke warm springs, they're not very hot

– No, go (laughter) You look so funny – It's said that if you drink from this water, you'll live to see 100 Oh, it's warmer in here Ah, famous hole

– So you put your hand here, – The hot hole? – You will feel warm weather – Ooh I can feel warmer Today has definitely been a very short day here but I'm excited to see more of it because it's definitely one of the more dramatic and interesting islands that I've seen already Good morning! – Morning! (engine revving) – That doesn't sound good (engine revving) (cheers) Good morning guys, we got a bit of clear skies, and right now we're about to do, what is one of the most iconic things to do here in Camiguin, and that is the sunken graveyard

An entire graveyard site was pushed into the ocean by a volcanic eruption Now one thing you may have noticed is that I just inserted two time lapses, one to show the passing of time at night, and another to show the sun rise Now I actually used it because I didn't have any good footage from last night and I didn't have any good footage to show the starting of the day Now how I got that footage is by story blocks, and yes today's video is sponsored by one of my favorites Now if you don't already know what Story Blocks is, basically, it's the ability to access footage from around the world, shot by all sorts of different shooters, and to be able to download it unlimitedly and use it in your projects, still be able to monetize them on YouTube, or whether it be for commercial work, all while paying a relatively small subscription fee to make that happen

It's been a game changer here, it's an amazing way to fill in the gaps when you're missing footage somewhere, and one of my favorite things about their service is that once you're subscribed, it's unlimited downloads So, if you're in a position like myself, and you've got a lot of videos that need a lot of cinematics and you've got a lot of missing pieces, well this is the perfect place to be Check out the link just down below It's time In total it was 450 pesos for the two of us to go here with a guide

This is the cross that was sent into the ocean in 1871 during the volcanic eruption, and up to this point used to be above sea level Yeah, this audio is a lot better right? Well, for most people, audio is one of the things they actually emphasize the least It is one of the most underrated things that you can do for your filmmaking, is to make sure that you're getting clean sound Either use text on screen to make up for the missing information, or do voice over just like this Okay guys, so the snorkeling was awesome, the visibility was really good, but the water wasn't super blue just 'cause the sun wasn't completely out

But it seems like it's actually starting to come out which is really exciting I wanna share something with you that's super important in making a travel video It's not having the most expensive camera, it's not about having the most amount of cameras, it's about having the right camera And for me today, the GoPro was the one that allowed me to share the adventures that went underwater So that's where making sure you have the equipment that allows you to tell the story, and that's where GoPro has been so essential in my career as a travel film maker It's allowed me to share things like diving, rafting, canyoneering, all those fun adventures that just cannot be possible with a big camera like this

What did you order? – A waffle – So that's you on the cover? – Yes – Congratulations – Thank you – A full time model

– Can I please have an autograph? – These are the real full sized ones, they're like the size of her body basically – Yeah – So if you guys want to learn free diving, and you're in the Philippines, Corma Dive Center, ask for the twins! – They're celebrities here, they have a magazine cover – Yeah, they've been such a great guide to the island so far, it's been amazing to see it through their eyes One of the magic keys to a good travel video is gonna be having a story arc

So, introducing the problem, and trying to overcome it Well, we've just found our problem today It is right back here We're up at the top of one of the mountains here and our tire has popped in a very untimely place We're gonna keep pressing on until we get to the waterfall 'cause it's just a few 100 meters away

We'll try to find somewhere to repair it on the way back – I also think that a travel video shouldn't be perfect, I think whenever there is an accident, or an inconvenience it makes it real or more interesting to watch so So don't avoid to put those things on your video – Yeah – This is bad, this is really bad

– Gotta go slow and steady, and hope the tire doesn't break Hi buddy – This one is the twin! – He's a twin! (laughter) Finally a benefit to hanging out with Cati here, discounts! (laughter) He's dancing to despacito! This waterfall is beautiful, guys I'm surprised I did not have such high expectations for this If you can do it, I recommend either bringing a tripod or having a second shooter with you that can help support you in getting shots of you experiencing the landscapes

Swimming in the water, going under the water fall, all these things help people feel more a part of the video, more a part of the adventure, and that's why I love to shoot Cati because I like being behind the camera, I can't do both I can't be behind the camera and in front of it – If I stand next to that waterfall you will see how big it is, you will not only see it in your screen, and that's what I think is very essential – So it's time to separate our video from the rest, and one of the best ways to do that, for me at least, has been cinematics So I want to show you what I do to make that happen

The first thing I do is I take my camera, and I'm gonna switch it into manual mode I shoot automatic settings for vlogging, but for cinematics we have to go over to manual Whether you're shooting with your cellphone, whether you're shooting with your One DX Mark 2, there's a few things you can do to achieve similar results First thing I wanna do is, if I'm focusing on a landscape, I want to find a way to make it look like there's nobody else here There's actually a group of people behind you, there's another photographer, there's a few kids around, and sometimes they can be nice little elements to the landscape, but typically I'm gonna want to try to make it look like we have this place to ourselves

Now that we're shooting in front of these people, we basically have the waterfall to ourselves One of the best things that you can do when shooting is really just to change up the different focal lengths you're using by changing lenses, changing the zoom length if you have a zoom lens, changing your height, whether it means climbing up in a tree to get more height or crouching all the way to the ground It gives it totally different look to what you're shooting I'm gonna put my camera strap around my neck I'm gonna zoom in to 35, and do a slow pan

This adds point of contact to your body, allows you to be more stable in your hands, it'll definitely help you if you're planning to do any panning motion Another great thing to play with, is what is the foreground? What is the thing between your subject and the camera? If it means simply putting a fern in front of the shot, it can change the shot all together and make it so much better So don't be afraid to play with the positioning of the camera, get creative with it, and make something you're proud of So something I like to do is camera whips So, if I'm following the motion of the waterfall, let's say starting from top to bottom, I'm gonna go slow and steady and then when I get towards the end, I'm gonna whip it like that

It'll look a little something like this As you can see, it was super simple, super easy to do It's all done right here in hand It's something that will help you take your shooting to the next level What I really like about this lens is especially when you're at a busy area you can really isolate what you wanna shoot, and you can cut out a lot of the people

Whenever I shoot cinematics, again it's really important to use the manual settings I like to shoot underexposed, especially with my Cannon cameras It just does a better job in the post corrections later on when they're shot a little bit dark Obviously the waterfall is the main thing to look at here, but shoot the surroundings You can tell a story by shooting a little water droplet rolling off the leaf

That could be just as important as actually the waterfall, in making somebody feel like they're part of that moment (upbeat music) That whole cinematic sequence may have seemed super effortless, but in reality that was the equivalent of about 45 minutes or capturing shots with different lenses, different angles, shooting over a few of them a couple times, and that's what you get right there It's a lot of work to make something look really beautiful, and that didn't even include flying my drone That would've been another 15, 20 minutes if I had sent it out But one of my tips, if you don't own a drone, if you're not traveling with one, then go over to Story Blocks and you can actually insert look alike clips, that will allow you to have a more complete story

That's something I did a lot in Dubai because it's actually illegal to fly there You can 100% own and monetize that content, so it's just completely brainless, it's such a help as a filmmaker The bike is like fishtailing everywhere, and we have 3 kilometers 'till the next mechanic – [Cati] Are you doing that on purpose? – No, it's like skiing – [Cati] I feel like I'm gonna fall any second

– Wow, that's a beautiful dog Is it because of the flat? – Because you traveled here so far – Oh traveling so far, flat tire's made the tire hot I'm not proud of this but this was their idea, the twins so kindly gave us their scooter, so that we can make it to our final destination today, before the last boat leaves, which we basically have to book it there now They're gonna wait with the scooter to get that repaired, and all fixed up, and we will see them in a little bit later tonight

Thanks guys, you're the best! Are there any boats going left still? – Yes, how many are you? – For two We made it just in time, I think we're like the last boat here leaving today, and we're going to white island, which is about 15, 20 minutes away off of Camuigan mainland One thing I wanna mention is that all my videos, whether I'm vlogging or shooting cinematics, if it's not slow motion, I'm shooting 60 frames per second In post production I have the ability to half speed it and it still looks really nice Whereas if I'd shot 30 frames per second, I don't have the ability to half speed things without making things look really choppy

But I'm always shooting in my 1080 setting, it does just fine for me – Even with this one you can shoot 60 frames? – Yeah – So it doesn't have to be a professional camera? – Yeah that shoots 1080 60 and it looks really nice (boat revving) What do you think of the island? – It's so beautiful – This is white island, and I know the microphone is just getting destroyed right now, but you need to come here late in the day, there were so many people earlier, so we were like well we'll come back later, now there's maybe three other groups here

The most important part of any travel video if you plan to post it on YouTube, is the thumbnail I have had a particular photo in mind all day and it pretty much looks something like this This beautiful blue watered white sanded island is perfect for a thumbnail (upbeat music) And we made it back in one piece When you're working on your big travel video, it's super important that you also highlight food because for a lot of people, the food is as important as the waterfall or as the sunset

We're actually ending out trip here in Camuigan at the very same place we started it This is Hayahay Cafe, and it's a coffee shop of our friends' actually which we met through another friend it's a long story I won't totally get into, but it's also the reason that I met these guys And so this is a local secret, Cati and I had lunch here, we're having dinner here, and the food is You gotta check it out if you come to Camuigan That's the owner, sorry she couldn't be here

I like to show, not just the food, because you know it's great to show the final product, but a big thing to restaurants is also the atmosphere So, the minute I walk in I like to give like an opening shot to show what it looked like the moment you walked into the restaurant What the experience of eating it is like, that kind of thing We're saying goodbye now, thank you so much guys – You're welcome

– You guys are amazing This is just a small glimpse of what goes in to making this possible, now if you wanna see my step by step process of making a travel video, one of my favorite travel vlogs I've ever made, I did an entire screen recording of the process, as well as a talk through to explain to you why I'm doing certain things and that entire course is available to you with the link down below Whether you're using Adobe or Final Cut, this will be a game changer in helping you make the best travel videos possible Taking your cinematic and story telling to the next level I also wanted to give a shout out to Cedu Pacific, for flying Cati and I around the Philippines as well as hooking up the flight back to Bali and guys, if you're new to the channel here, a huge thank you for watching up to this point

Hit the subscribe button if you're not already subscribed, join team get lost because every Saturday we have a brand new video, and as always guys, let's get lost again in the next one

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