January 18, 2019

Hong Kong Food Guide: 17 Things to Know Before You Eat in HK

– Before you go to Hong Kong, you need to know about food Hong Kong is a foodie city

Food runs this city The food you'll find here, it's Cantonese food, southern Chinese style food Cantonese food, it's made for sharing It comes in large portions for families to eat together The quintessential meal in Hong Kong is dim sum

Dim sum was invented in southern China, but I think really perfected here in Hong Kong If you wanna check out my favorite dim sum in Hong Kong, it's at Maxim's Palace in City Hall It's right here It's this big banquet-style dim sum restaurant What have I got here? I've got shumai

Shrimp dumplings Pretty good And so, what I like about this place, they do cart service, so the dim sum comes around on carts There's English on the carts, and you order something and then they stamp this card, and that's how you pay at the end, is by how many things they've stamped Then they come in different sizes

The different sizes equate to the different prices When you're ready, you just call out and say that you want a bill and hold this up The tea, they give two pots here, these nice stainless steel pots This one's got tea in it, ooh And then this one just has hot water in it, if you want to dilute the tea because it got too strong

Now also if you like soy sauce in dim sum restaurants, you need to ask for it in Hong Kong because it does not come on the table This comes with the serving chopsticks as well, and, oh I will point out that if you want to eat here, they do this thing where there's a machine out front and you have to push and say how many people are dining, and then you get a number, and then they call the numbers based upon how big your table is So, if you're coming here on a Saturday or Sunday, get here, we got here at 9:45 and we were seated at about 10:40, so about an hour wait if you get here before 10 If you get here at 11, good luck You'll probably be eating for dinner

Weekdays are pretty good too If you come around 10:00 am on a weekday, probably no wait, you'll just walk right in See and what I love about dim sum, it's kind of like a movable feast

And you really never know what you're gonna get, because every time there's different things on the carts that come by They might come, they might not come But what do we got here? These are some egg yolk steamed buns These are some steamed custard buns, there's custard inside These are some shrimp rolls

These are some shrimp shumai I think I showed you those earlier These, some of my favorite, one of my favorite dim sum items, and I judge dim sum restaurants by three items Their shumai, their cha siu bao, which is their steamed barbecue pork bun, and their har gow, which is a shrimp dumpling, which we don't have yet I'm hoping it comes by

Mm It's really good It's moist, it's tender A lot of times the dim sum, yeah, so that's the barbecue pork This is just kind of a doughy thing

And a lot of times the dim sum, mm, you know, the dim sum will be cold and hard But what I love about this place is even though it comes around on carts, it's still fresh and hot and delicious Mm That's really flavorful And what do you do if, like, across the room, you see a cart, that I see, like, over there, and it has my har gow on it, what do I do? I just pick this up and I walk over there with my card

I get the har gow, they stamp it, and then I can come back to my table So, you could do the same Yay, my har gow is here now That kinda rhymes, doesn't it? But hey, this is like the quintessential dim sum dish And it helps to learn a few of these phrases if you come to dim sum, 'cause actually the lady that was bringing this around, she was just walkin' around sayin' har gow, har gow, har gow, har gow

She wasn't saying shrimp dumpling, shrimp dumpling Har gow, then I say har gow, then I get, ooh, some delicious har gow And you can tell, it's still steaming, like this is fresh out of the steamer Delicious Let's get a little bit of soy sauce on it

Mm Ooh You know, and it's like, it's just a shrimp dumpling I'm really lame on my chopstick skills here This is pathetic

But, this is what's inside the dumpling You can see there's shrimp But there are some other, like, seasonings and spices and things like that Really delicious Mm

Hot, fresh, flavorful This har gow is a reason to come here by itself And since I, hey, here's a doily, and since I lost the skin, well, mm, that goes down that way Okay, so it's dessert time We're gonna start with this one

This is the custard wrapped in a translucent skin of some sort You can see in there If I don't drop it There's some custard in the skin Mm

This one's kinda weird I mean, the custard's good, but, I don't know that I like the translucent skin I think I like the custard when it has a little bit more dough by it This is almost like eating custard by itself, so, maybe I'll come back to that in a moment This is like a lava custard bun

This is kind of a new thing to dim sum restaurants, and I first had this at Koi Palace in San Francisco By the way, if you wanna know what my favorite dim sum restaurant in the whole world is, it's Koi Palace in San Francisco I think they have some of the best dim sum Their environment is not as nice as this place, and it's not cart-based So I like that it is cart-based here

That's the first place I had a lava bun So we're gonna open this up Come in here and take a look at this as we open this So this custard, it's much more runny in consistency, instead of being thick So it's like a thin egg custard, and they call it lava 'cause when it's really hot and steamy, it's been sittin' here for about 10 minutes, it flows like lava

Mm And this, it's really flavorful It's salty, and sweet, kinda together It's really pretty good And in addition to the custard buns, the tea is really good too

The jasmine tea, so make sure you drink copious amounts of tea And, so some people, like they review Maxim's, say well, you know, none of the dim sum here is the best of any dim sum But something that they do well, I'll call your attention over to that way, is the view The view here is the best out there on Hong Kong Harbor, which you'll recall means fragrant harbor When you go to pay at most sit-down restaurants, they'll bring you the bill

If you put in some money, and they bring you back the change, they'll generally hold it with the change there for you You'll take the change you want and you leave whatever you want for the tip, so just know they're not gonna leave that change to sit there for you They'll be holding until you take what you want, and whatever you leave is theirs A must-drink in Hong Kong is Hong Kong milk tea It's a specialty of Hong Kong, and, mm, different than Thai iced tea

It doesn't use condensed milk, it uses evaporated milk And often on the menu, they'll call it stocking milk tea because they used to make it through stockings If you want to dine, or drink, at one of the original places for this Hong Kong milk tea, it's called Lan Fong Yuen It is right under the Central-Mid-Levels escalator right by Graham Street and, mm, it's pretty tasty I will point out, they don't have any English and they have two lines

The big long line, that's to seat inside The short line on the left, just hop in that one if you wanna take it to go Go up, say you want a milk tea 23 Hong Kong dollars And while you're here, you can explore some of the produce and outdoor markets up in this neighborhood

For a quintessential Hong Kong dining experience from old, dine at some of the dai pai dong These are the street stalls, and they've been outlawed throughout actually most of Hong Kong, but you'll find them in a few neighborhoods around the Central-Mid-Levels escalator and also around the Temple Street Night Market They often set up at night time, and you can dine just at one of these tables out on the street One type of Hong Kong cuisine that's really popular is roast meats You'll see little cafes and restaurants with roast meats all over the city

One of the most famous, and it's more of a high-end restaurant than a little shop, it's Yung Kee They specialize in the roast goose We have the two-meat plate, roast goose and barbecue pork One of the great things here, you can specify what kind of the goose you want So actually, we got the part of the goose that has less bones, 'cause one of the things I hate with goose or duck is a lot of bones

Mm Like I have, mm, a small little bone But what do you do with the bones? Eh, just put 'em on your saucer plate They've got napkins It's really quite tasty, quite flavorful

And, this is the barbecue pork Mm It has almost a, like a honey flavor But not really honey, but that's the flavor of the barbecue pork, and then here, I've got a wonton noodle to go with it Some soup, some little noodles, and some rice

If you want some quick and cheap Cantonese food, you can visit the Canteen It's like a Hong Kong-style cafeteria You can see there's a couple of chickens hangin' there in the window Typically how this works is you get a roast meat and some rice, maybe a vegetable, maybe some soup It'll be pretty cheap and quick

In addition to Canteen, there's Cafe Coral, and MX are some pretty solid options Cheap quick Cantonese food So for dessert in Hong Kong, you should get mangoes As you can tell, this place I'm at has a lotta mango stuff behind me This place is called Hiu Lau Shan, but there's a number of different mango cafes in Hong Kong

Another one is called Honeymoon Dessert Definitely stop by one of these places and get lots of mango stuff What we have here, this is called the Mango Delight It's got fresh mangoes, mango puree, coconut milk, and some purple rice And then right next to it here, we have the mango pudding that either has some condensed or evaporated milk

I love mango pudding And if you can't make it to one of these cafes, well you can get this at almost any dim sum restaurant for dessert afterwards Mm And a good, see this is a good mango pudding, because it's not just pudding, but you can actually see there's, like, chunks of actual mango in the mango pudding Mm, it has a good mango flavor to it

And so if we come in here to this mango puree, with the coconut, mm, this is cold, refreshing, for a hot humid day walking around Hong Kong And then you get down here to this purple rice Look at that purple rice right there Purple, it's a good word to say Mm

And it just adds a very interesting texture to the whole thing The coconut milk gives a creamy taste to the mango, so definitely check out some mango desserts in Hong Kong For another classic Hong Kong dessert, mm, classic maybe isn't the right word, this is fairly new Hong Kong dessert, but it's spreading like wildfire, or like wild egg puffs It's an egg puff It's kind of like a waffle

We got this one from Mammy Pancake here on Temple Street Night Market Also a Hong Kong milk tea Mm But this is their most popular, it's the salted egg egg puff, so, mm, bite into that, and each one of these little puffs is filled with a little bit of salted egg Mm, mm

It's hot It's fresh, mm, and, this one's not too sweet If you like sweet, they've got other ones that have, like, banana and chocolate This one's a little more savory A good snack in between meals

The 17th thing to know about food in Hong Kong is about Hong Kong cafes Hong Kong cafes are not like cafes any place else in the world They are definitely a restaurant variety onto their own They sell almost everything under the roof from toast to instant noodles to barbecue meat to congee to curry steak to desserts to even this thing you're looking at here, which is a boiled egg in hot condensed milk, wow And if you wanna know more about Hong Kong cafes, well I've got a whole segment on it

It's number nine in my Hong Kong Travel Tips video You can find a link the upper right or in the description below to watch it We've got more videos If you'd like to know more information about Hong Kong, you'll find links in the description, or you can click one of these videos to watch more about Hong Kong So, I won't say goodbye because I'll see you in the next video

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