January 9, 2019

HOLIDAY TRAVEL TIPS | The Social Pants Experiment 340

– Hello everybody, welcome back to the Social Pants Experiment I just got back from Seattle and it's kinda cold in my apartment so I got the heat on but I was thinking on my trip here, I wanna talk about traveling during the holidays

(festive music) – [Flight Attendant] On behalf of all of us at Delta, I'd like to warmly welcome you aboard our flight to San Francisco Scheduled flight time to San Francisco, one hour, 37 minutes During that time, we'll be covering a distance of 679 miles – Obviously I travel a lot throughout the year and I've gotten pretty efficient at it, I've even done some videos about how I pack, I'm down to the point where just with a backpack and one carry on, I can travel around the world for 30 days and that includes carrying all my production and camera equipment with me wherever I go Traveling today, it looks like it's starting to kick off the holiday travel season

Not everyone has figured out how to travel with efficiency (moans) – Oh that feels good, oh god, I'm telling you My dogs are barking today (moans) – So here's some tips that can get you through the holidays if you're a frequent traveler and you have to deal with people who never travel at all This is that time of year, the number one thing is patience

(upbeat music) (yelling) – I tend to be very extroverted, as you can imagine I find it difficult to get my patience together most of the time, but one way to do that in real time without really thinking about it is actually just help people out Most people that travel once a year, they just don't know how the airport works and if you're a frequent traveler, you know that it changes all the time anyway This is also that time of year where although for myself, I have Clear, I have TSA, I have all the things, people get into the TSA line They are supposed to be there because remember, they randomly put people into that line and they're still taking their shoes off

When boarding the plane, just take an extra deep breath, I've found that Jack Daniels does the trick – Hey hey, hey, look what happened to me, huh? (laughs) – Maybe not, well maybe not everybody drinks, that's fine The other thing is, lines are just gonna be longer, it's gonna be harder to get a Lyft or an Uber and it's just gonna take a little bit longer so the thing that I was reminded of today is although I'm a frequent traveler and I have all the benefits of jumping through line early and airport lounges, everything is gonna take just a little bit longer during the holidays As much of a grinch as I actually am, I'm gonna do my best to kind of have some patience, relax, and enjoy the rest of the year Hopefully as we travel through the holiday season, we have that patience as well and I hope you do too

Anyway, if this was helpful or entertained you, give it a thumb's up, punch that subscribe button, I do this every day Thanks for watching and I will see you tomorrow – [Flight Attendant] It is our pleasure to welcome you to the San Francisco International Airport Local time is, in about two seconds, it'll be 1:30

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