January 3, 2019

5 Travel Tips For Backpackers

Hello and welcome to my channel! In this video I'm gonna share with you five traveling tips for backpackers Let's start! Take postcards with you

Postcards from your country can make a great gift for those you who need or stay with they don't take my space and they are like but they better be protected from damage by a transparent envelope Have to charges having two chargers can save us from unexpected problems caused by breaking or losing our only charger you simply don't want to end up with discharge mobile at night by having to wake up early to catch your flight keep maps Plans of the cities to visit can make great decorations back at your home or you can use them to create things that will remind you of your journey such as this small bag I made out of Copenhagen map you can also send them in an envelope with photos, sheels local candies and coins or other small souvenirs instead of regular postcard use private browsing Prices of tickets can increase when a specific route is repeatedly searched because the site wants to scare you into booking the flight quickly always search for tickets in private browsing mode print out everything you might need you never know if there is a Wi-Fi or your mobile data actually works

Print out or buy a metro plan underground systems in cities like Moscow and Seoul should be called labyrinth I hope you like this video and I wish you a pleasant journey wherever you will go 🙂

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