January 2, 2019

29 Travel ESSENTIALS + The Crap You DON’T Actually Need

Hey Tangerineys! If you're new to our channel, my name is Jordan, I'm Maddie This is Laska

And we are Tangerine Travels If you're unfamiliar with our story, we sold everything we owned about a year ago to start traveling through Mexico At that time, all we could take with us was whatever fit in our tiny Prius C, the compact version of a Prius That was two big suitcases, and two little suitcases, this little lady, and whatever else we could cram into the car At this point, we have just about visited every state in the country, still have a few more to go

And dozens of cities from the north, to the south, and the east, and the west And every climate you could think of! Yeah When we first started traveling we had a vague idea of what we thought would be super useful, or what we should totally leave behind After a year though, we figured out very quickly what is a total waste of space and absolute junk that we thought was gonna be super important And also things that we had no idea would be quite so useful, and have turned out to be lifesavers and necessities

If I saw this video back the day we started traveling, I would have thought future us is crazy! [Laughter] Future us is crazy [Laughter] Anyway, anything we include in this video is not sponsored None of these companies have any idea we're about to mention their products But if you want to buy any of these for yourself, we're just linking all of those down below in the description Including the banking tip we have for you

The links that we're going to include are probably going to be affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase from those, we get a little bit of commission, which goes a long way to helping us continue to make videos and travel The first thing that we think is an absolute travel essential is something I previously thought it was a 100% gimmick As in something that they would convince you to buy because it's a pretty good price, and then you wouldn't actually use it But packing cubes are your bags dresser So when traveling, nothing else is going to keep it organized

It will end up, no matter how hard you try, being a disorganized mess And so, packing cubes are a lifesaver! We just recently combined our two big bags into one, so we only have half of it in packing cubes My half But this makes everything so much more organized! Keeps everything separate, and keeps sanity, for me anyway [Laughter] The next thing we use every single day, it's an absolute essential, is a foldable hamper

How does this work? Like magic And then fold it up It's super easy to pack Takes up very little space Is really light

It's something that you don't think about, but when you're staying in a place for a long time, what are you going to do with your dirty clothes? Just throw them against the wall? Pretty much, yeah, if you don't have a hamper And this is by far the coolest and most useful travel-friendly one that we've ever seen Despite being pretty affordable, we've had these for almost a year using them everyday, and they've held up very well So one thing we brought with us thinking that this was going to be super valuable was a garmin Something that we thought would help us from driving city to city in places where there wasn't cell reception

We had suspicions that maybe Google Maps might not work very well, or it might take you on weird roads, or not know all the roads This was not the case This ended up being pretty much just a piece of junk to us because Google Maps works perfectly fine It takes you on the best route, the one with toll roads, Which are the safer roads to take So it's just totally not necessary

In place of that, we would recommend getting a physical map Something that we should have, but don't So that in case Google Maps fails, or your phone dies, or something crazy goes wrong, you still have a map to help you get from point A to point B Another travel necessity is a high-quality suitcase I learned this one the hard way

I got a suitcase from a brand that I wasn't familiar with Although it got some good reviews and I liked it a lot at first, it just didn't hold up After a couple months, it was ripping at the seams But Maddie, on the other hand, got one she absolutely loves! This was also From a brand I'd never heard of, Kenzie And I don't think that brand's even known for making luggage

So I kind of went out on a limb with this one Because you thought it was pretty Because I liked it It's very stylish-looking These two bags it came in a set of three but I sold the middle-sized one

It has lots of pockets Inside it's pretty cute as well It's very durably made And both of these suitcases have, I don't think any flaws And they have taken a beating! We've been in desert, in cold, in beach, everywhere

Upstairs, down elevators, just like everywhere you can imagine, and pretty much no signs of wear and tear at all So this is something, the suitcase, I think, is worth an investment if it cost a little bit more but it's going to last longer Very worth it, very necessary And interestingly, after we got them, I thought mine was gonna be the one that would hold up and yours was gonna fall apart He gave me so much crap for getting these

Like "Oh, they're pretty, but you really want one that's gonna hold up long-term" [Laughter] You win some, you lose some One thing we thought we would use all the time and we never use is an umbrella It's kind of ironic right now because it's raining It's been raining all day here in San Cristobal

Yeah, even when it's a rainy though, we just don't use it We just run from one destination to the next, or run into the uber, or wherever we're going And even when it's sunny we don't use it to shade ourselves So, although it's raining right now, this is something that we're going to get rid of, and it's just a waste of space and has been for the past year Laska

What's that? Is that an umbrella? [Laughter] Something else you might not think of is how are you going to get cash? Especially if you're in a foreign country and using a foreign currency Well, the best way to do it, the way you're going to get the best rate with the most convenience is getting a Charles Schwab account Why Charles Schwab? Well, they refund all ATM fees There are no foreign transaction fees It's the absolute best bank account you can get for traveling

There's no minimum monthly balance There is no monthly maintenance fee It's awesome! One thing I forgot to mention about Schwab is, if you go to Mexico and you want to get pesos The best way to do that is to get them out of an ATM If you bring dollars to Mexico and go to an exchange store, or money exchange, you're going to be losing like 10%

And that is a freaking lot! If you have a $2,000 a month budget and you lose $200 Wow! That's a lot of money But, if you withdraw the money from an ATM using a bank account that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees, and refunds all ATM fees, you can turn that from about 10 percent to less than half a percent With Schwab! [Laughter] With Charles Schwab So I exchanged my Husky for a different Husky

Wow [Laughter] If you're curious about Charles Schwab I can't, I can't not We're gonna put a link in the description for you If you meet certain requirements, you can get $100 bank credit which is really cool

We don't get anything, but we're just gonna put that there so you can get some money in the bank! What was that accent? [Laughter] Oh my gosh Okay, so the next one on the list is this lady We love traveling with a dog For all the benefits that a furry companion offers, and also for traveling, It is nice to have the peace of mind that our little fluffy lady is at home, And people are much less likely to break in somewhere where there's dog [Knocking at the door] [Laska talking] [Laughter] Some guard dog you are

[Laughter] [Laska talking] So in addition to her being a great security system, She is also great for traveling because Laska is one of the best conversation starters you could ever have! This would not be a travel essential if you don't have a dog, but if you do a lint roller is an absolute necessity We stay in Airbnbs all the time and these really help not only keep our clothes clean, the car clean, but also the places we're staying clean If she happens to jump up on the couch or something, we can just wipe it off, and stick it off Stick it off Sticky it off

Sticky it off Pretty affordable, it doesn't take up a whole lot of space, so we got a big pack of these at Costco before coming here And we've yet to finish one single gosh-darn roll Jordan! [Laughter] We have like five partially used rolls because we just don't finish them [Laughter] Because you just open Oh my gosh! Something we didn't anticipate before traveling was that not every place is going to have air conditioning when it's kind of needed And not only that, even places that don't have air conditioning sometimes don't have fans We have stayed in places where it's 95 degrees outside, there's no a/c, and then we're just dying of heat because there's no way to cool off, no fan No fan, yeah

So we ended up getting this guy it is a USB, But we've attached a wall plug to it A USB fan And in places where there's no air-conditioning at all and no fans, this is amazing to have! And we feel like it's an absolute essential, because at night especially, when I'm hot I just cannot sleep I can't sleep at all It makes a world of difference for sleeping if it's blowing on you versus not

This has been amazing! Last thing about this fan, we've seen a lot that are plastic This one is metal and it has this really hard case It's been totally squashed in our bag and it shows no signs of denting or breaking in any way shape or form So definitely recommend this guy! Something we have found to be essential in our travels is this car It is a very very fuel economical car

It's a Prius C Hybrid So since gas is much more expensive in Mexico than it is in the US, this has been the perfect fit for us, budget friendly, budget conscious travelers We do recommend getting the right car for you though Perhaps you want to do more off-roading, or camping, or something like that Or you have a big family

Obviously find the best fit for you But the right mode of transportation is critical Through our travels we found that not every Airbnb, or not every rental, even when they say they have the kitchen basics actually do So three things that we think are a necessity if you can possibly have room for them are: A quality chef's knife [evil laugh], a frying pan, a nice one, because even times the Airbnbs have them, sometimes they're scratched to hell and you really don't want to be eating all that rust and Teflon that They usually are, in fact

They usually are because nobody Do not put metal utensils on the freaking nonstick pans! Every roommate I've ever had has destroyed my pans, but let's not get into that now Also, a cutting board

Even the ones from Ikea, you can have like, this big size one, but there's half size, which are even more portable I think These three things have been a lifesaver in so many different situations, because some kitchen knives that are provided are not even good enough to cut through a banana One thing that we ultimately decided that wasn't right for us was our berkey water filter Although we still think this is the best in home water filter you can buy, we're just traveling too much It just doesn't make sense for us because we're only staying in each place for about a week most of the time

We have to set it up and clean it again, every time we go to a new place If you're thinking about a water filter, we absolutely recommend this one, especially for Mexico But if you're going from place to place as often as we do, probably not gonna be worth the space and frustration A questionable junk item, or something you might want to leave are towels For us, we do not have a lot of space in our car so every bit of space is precious

We just haven't spent as much time on the beach as we thought we would, and most places, when we're on the beach, provide towels So most of the time we don't need them So for the rare time that we haven't had towels, it's been nice to have them Yes But it does take up a lot of space, so it's one of those You gotta consider for yourself

Maddie loves the whole minimalist thing I was forced into this minimalist thing Wow! Putting me on blast, Jordan! With my precious bag space, I can only have so much stuff And I had some dress clothes: dress pants, dress shoes, dress shirt I ended up getting rid of them after not wearing them for six months, and I don't have any plans to wear them in the future

So that was also something that just wasn't worthwhile We also ultimately decided that if we wanted to go to a club, or we had a nice dinner, or something like that, we can probably buy something that would suit for that occasion, and either donate it, or maybe incorporate it into our wardrobe But I definitely do not have a pair of nice dress heels, or dresses, or anything like that And if we're being honest, I think I like the idea of going out Like you know, going to clubs and stuff

And then I do it, and I'm like "Wow, okay This is why I don't do this" [Laughter] For the first few months of traveling, I was actually carrying a purse around everywhere And it was around, I think Mazatlan time, where I was like "This really is not working" It didn't feel secure

I feel like people actually target purses more because they think they're valuable So eventually, we switched to something that has become probably the most valuable thing for us traveling And that is my backpack I don't necessarily recommend this one I like it, but I think any high quality backpack is a good backpack

And what do we have inside here? We've got sunglasses, Tissues, like a travel pack Well, what used to be a travel pack [Laughter] Tissues because not every bathroom has toilet paper, so that is like, you need to have that What else is in here? We have our camera case with our cameras in it, sunscreen definitely need that We're almost always traveling with water

Bug spray, phone of course, wallet, and a Few other random things like ibuprofen Also, being in new places, Eating new foods that I've never had before – Sometimes I find out I'm allergic and I get a bit of an anaphylactic reaction, where I can't breathe or I'm having trouble breathing Or you get bit by a scorpion That's where benadryl comes in I think this is an absolute necessity and we have it on us at all times

No! Laska! Off the bed! Hey! No! No! [Laughter] What just happened? Okay So, the next one, we think is totally essential, and we actually almost got rid of this thing a number of times throughout our travels Is this It is a huge, soft, fuzzy blanket, specifically a king-size fuzzy blanket It's has been useful acting as a dog bed for Laska, something to cover the car up with, or cover our stuff up in the car

And for various climates when perhaps there's not enough bedding, you have this And it makes an otherwise freezing night, So so nice and warm! [Laughter] Yeah, there's been some nights where it made such a difference! And yes, this takes up quite a bit of space, but we're not gonna get rid of it anytime soon! No It's so soft! Another travel must have are essential oils And I've never been a believer in essential oils I didn't really even know about them or what they could be used for, until I met Maddie

One time I had a stomachache, and she used some peppermint oil on me Another time, a headache, peppermint oil Totally went away The stomachache, the headache, totally went away So the three we use the most are tea tree, peppermint, and lavender

We use them every single day Cuts, sicknesses, headaches, allergies, for allergies yeah I wouldn't travel without them Another good thing about these, even these large bottles, and these are four times the size of the typical essential oil bottle You can take these on the airplane, they're only two ounces

Another thing that I personally think it is totally essential for traveling, and if you had told me this, I would have been like "yeah, no, every hotel, every rental is going to have this" But they don't! Not all of them Is a washcloth! So yes, every place is going to have towels, Like body towels for you to use But not every place has a washcloth So if you don't have something like a loofah, or you're like me, I like this for washing my face

You're gonna be in a boat without a paddle So I think having even just like a raggedy old washcloth to use for yourself that you know is clean, is a really good to have One more thing that we thought was going to be really useful but it ended up being totally useless for us, was an Amazon fire stick We figured "Hey, it's really small, it's really light, we'll take it to wherever we go, just plug it into their TV, and connect to the Wi-Fi, and get Netflix, and Hulu, and all that good stuff" Well, it turns out, as we're traveling, we would rather go out and explore than watch TV

We've gotten by with Netflix Occasionally we'll watch shows but often we're literally just out doing things, or talking with people, eating, Whatever Not watching TV Looking back, we would have been better off selling it on OfferUp and using the money towards our travels But that's a decision you have to make

Because in Mexico, in particular, electronics are much more expensive than they are in the us So if you want any electronics, get them before you come here The next thing on our list I do realize is somewhat of a necessity, However, while traveling, occasionally you're going to want to buy a bottle of wine And you would be surprised how few corkscrews you will ever find in a hotel or Airbnb

Maybe because people take them, or who knows, but a corkscrew or something to open your wine up with is immensely useful And something like this It's pretty small, it's pretty light, something easy to travel with But you, if only we had the videos of me trying to open bottles of wine without a corkscrew You've used everything! Shish kabob skewers, I've used keys, I've used forks, I've used various types of knives Anything you could possibly think of, all It ever does is shred the cork and provide a lifetime of sadness

You know something that takes up a heck of a lot of space in your bag and is very heavy, Shoes Oh my gosh, shoes So, we have learned through our travels that it's pretty much good to just have one pair of shoes that you can walk around in every day Maybe a pair of athletic shoes, and some flip-flops for the beach, and things like that Another travel must have are power banks

These things are absolutely essential, especially if you find yourself in an Airbnb without many power outlets, or the electricity goes out, or you just have a lot of stuff you need to charge Like we're always having to charge cameras, and phones, and stuff This has saved us on more than one occasion I also have to comment on this The Anker power bank, I think of everything that I've ever bought in my life, this is one of the best purchases I've ever made

This is a lipstick-style charging bank It's really light, but so durable! I think you could probably run this over with a car, and it's not gonna do anything Something else that it turns out we use these all the time You don't have to go out and buy these, but plastic bags Bor whether it's wet clothes, dirty shoes, picking up Laska's poop, whatever

We use them all the time, and we always seem to be running out, despite being able to get them anywhere While traveling, I think something that's really important is keeping your immune system up, and keeping your body healthy Because travel really does take a toll on you, especially if you're doing it consistently week after week after week So something that I think is totally essential, is having vitamins And the other reason it's important to have these, is because when you're traveling, this is something that we've found in Mexico, it's hard to get the exact vitamins that I need

You might immediately think "oh, well I'll just order it off of Amazon, or I'll just buy it from the company" But there are a lot of restrictions and regulations on what type of vitamins can be mailed into the country Sometimes the company has to have like special permits If you want to have them sent, you need to buy special permits, and have paperwork, and things like that for it to clear customs So if you have vitamins that you need, make sure to have them, and find a reliable Way to get them when you need to replace them

Another item we're just not sure was worth bringing, or has been worth the space, is a tiny portable hairdryer I will say that I am super happy with the performance of this little thing, and if I blew, blew dry, blow dry, [Laughter] my hair everyday, this is the hairdryer I would want However, in our experience, because some places have it, And because I don't blow dry my hair that often, it's kind of just been something that's taking up valuable space in our bag So if it's something you can live without, I'd say ditch it Something else I forgot along the same lines as a blow dryer is a hair straightener

And I think, even though I used to use this probably like three or four days a week back in the us Once we started traveling, our time is better spent going out and exploring, seeing new places, studying our Spanish, and things like that And so, in the morning, doing my hair, curling it, straightening it, Is just not as important I'm hesitant to get rid of this because it's a Chi

Kind of an expensive straightener, and to replace it if I ever needed it, would be kind of out of the question So this is another thing, think long and hard about it I'm still questioning why I have this [Laughter] We think all of these tips are really going to help you out in your travels But perhaps the most important thing of all is, even if you were to clone every single thing that we own, and go out and try to do the same thing that we're doing, you're probably still gonna think that some of it is junk, and some necessities are missing

So the best thing that we can recommend is go out and do this for yourself, travel the world, explore, learn Travel is just such an amazing thing for opening your mind to new perspectives, food, culture, people, language It's incredible, and that is what it's really all about Well fellow Tangerine Travelers, we hope you found lots of valuable information in this video to help you with upcoming trips If you think someone else might enjoy this video and get good information out of it as well, please share it on Facebook, in your whatsapp groups, Twitter, reddit

I don't get reddit, so share it there Because I don't know how [Laughter] Laska, stop tap dancing Stop with the clicking Subscribe to our channel, so you can see our upcoming videos here in Mexico currently We are in San Cristobal de Las Casas

Chiapas And one more thing! GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified the next time we put out a new video And we will lick you there No we will not No we will not! Oh my God!

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